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Pad See Ew

Dark soy sauce gives the
noodles the color while light soy sauce seasons the dish.
Serves 2
1 pound -- fresh flat rice noodles
1 pound -- Chinese broccoli
1/2 cup -- beef, thinly sliced
2 tablespoons -- light soy sauce
1 tablespoon -- dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon -- sugar
2 tablespoons -- oil
2 cloves -- garlic
1 -- egg
1. Cut flat rice noodles into strips of 3/4 inch wide.
    Cut Chinese broccoli into 2 inch long pieces.
    Halve the stems lengthwise because thick stems
    take longer to cook.
2. Heat a wok to high heat and then add oil. Drop in the
    chopped garlic and stir. Add the sliced beef.
    Stir to cook the beef.
3. When the beef is somewhat cooked or turned from
    pink to light brown, add rice noodles.
    Stir to break up the noodles.
4. Add light and dark soy sauce and sugar.
5. Stir to mix the seasonings into the noodles and pork.
    Open a spot in the middle of the pan, and drop the
    egg in. Scramble the egg until it is almost all cooked.
    Fold in the noodles and mix them all.
6. Add the Chinese broccoli. As soon as the Chinese
    broccoli is cooked, turn off the heat.
7. Put on a serving plate and sprinkle white pepper
    on top.

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